Transfiguration Begins At Home


Advance Praise:

"Estha Weiner's sensibility is beautifully unique—a blend of Beckett and Dorothy Parker, Maine and New York City, loss and evocation. That things don't work out is a form of them working out and that fact is crucial to the very adult and bittersweet ethos Estha Weiner deftly summons. The poems have a gnomic quality; their concision is the habit of someone who bravely shapes retorts to the breezy slanders of time."      —Baron Wormser

"Estha Weiner writes essential narratives beyond nostalgia about longing and love. The poems are delightfully transparent, smudge-free, and revealing."      —Carol Frost

"In Estha Weiner's poems, the past is an unpredictable place. Like the 'Cinderella Staircase' where 'the person who started at the top was/never the person who reached the bottom,' or 'the clock in the catalog/that ran backwards," or the train that 'goes in two directions at once,' her take on history is remarkably fluid, irreverent, and unabashedly playful. With the dry wit of a Dorothy Parker and the quick jab of a Muhammmad Ali, this book chronicles change in all its myriad forms."      —Elaine Equi

"The romance of the past! Department stores! Estha Weiner's transfigurations are full of charm, heart, and gleams oof raucousness. Brief and potent, always aimed at reparation, these poems attest to years of rumination, to subtle craft, and to clear sight. Weiner serves her drama in teaspoons: exact dosage, not one drop more."      —Wayne Koestenbaum